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Students with LDs are often discouraged from starting university studies. Common difficulties they face include time management, structuring papers, and understanding the material. Most of those difficulties can be handled, given the right approach. Remedial education provides you with the tools to overcome such problems and succeed.

If you are diagnosed with an LD, and feel that you have the motivation but don’t know how to approach your studies, this is the course for you.

We offer step-by-step guidance to writing papers, understanding academic material, managing your assignments, preparing to oral presentations, etc.

The sessions are individual.

The purpose of this course:

Provide you with the necessary techniques to be able to overcome difficulties related to your studies.


  • Microsoft Office 2010 installed on your computer


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Payment regulations:

Payments will be accepted via B-pay/PayPal/wire transfer.

To register, please pay in advance.

Bank details: on request.

Course start: will be announced.

Necessary equipment:

  • Internet connection
  • Gmail account (with Google Hangouts)


  • Skype account
  • a set of headphones and microphone
  • web camera
  • scanner (not obligatory).


  • The course and its requirements are adjusted to your personal curriculum and needs.


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