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Do you need to take this course?

  • Are you preparing for an exam?
  • Do you have conceptual misunderstanding?
  • Do you have a problem finding relevant data to support your argument?
  • Do you feel like you don’t know how to present your argument?

If any of the above describes your situation, we are here to help.

Law Schools are competitive places. Our job is to help you to compete.
Dr. Yaakov Gorr  (law tutor at LinguaCom) believes that training the brain reminds the way that elite sportsmen and sportswomen train their bodies. So don’t give up!

As an author of published textbooks with 22 years’ post-admission experience both of actual legal practice involving courtroom advocacy and of substantial legal writing and tutoring not only can he help borderline students become good students, but also help good students become outstanding students.

The purpose of this course:

It’s important to show students how to analyse the structure of a judgment, so that their own work can have a structure.  Courts often adopt some of what is said by each side. If the court renders a split decision, this is even more the case – often the judges adopt bits of what advocate A said, and bits of what advocate B said, but some judges adopt different bits!

Therefore, the tutoring process involves developing mental discussion and dialogue, so that the students can understand the dialogue of various legal commentators and disagreements between judges.



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Payment regulations:

Payments will be accepted via B-pay/PayPal/wire transfer.

To book a lesson, please pay in advance.

Bank details: on request.

Course start: will be announced.

Necessary equipment:

  • Internet connection
  • Gmail account (with Google Hangouts)


  • Skype account
  • a set of headphones and microphone
  • web camera
  • scanner (not obligatory)
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