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Do you need to take this course?

General mode:

  • Are you struggling with assignments and/or research papers?
  • Do you feel like you have ideas but just don’t know how to express them?

This course will provide you with necessary skills for dealing with various academic tasks, such as structuring, planning, writing and editing a take-home exam, a paper, a presentation or a poster.

 Law and Business School mode:

Law and Business School is a great investment of your money, time and effort. You are expected to be successful and always show the best results, otherwise you lose your investment. There are situations when students do not manage to meet the standards and give up at the moments when even with minor help they could succeed. Unfortunately, sometimes universities do not provide this help.

Common stylistic, grammatical, and formatting errors in law students’ written work detract from their presentation quality and mean that maximum marks are not obtained.

The purpose of this course:

To help you create texts that will have proper terms, strong and clear arguments based on logical structure.


  • Familiarity with basic grammar concepts (parts of speech, tenses)
  • Basic command of Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Power Point and Excel
  • Microsoft Office 2010 installed on your computer
  • Upper Intermediate level of English or higher (for non-English speakers)


General mode: 800 USD (2 hours per week * 8 weeks, up to 5 participants)

Law and Business School mode: 1000 USD (includes an extra workshop on writing a moot).

Payment regulations:

Payments will be accepted via B-pay/PayPal/wire transfer.

To register, please pay in advance.

Bank details: on request.

Course start: will be announced.

Necessary equipment:

  • Internet connection
  • Gmail account (with Google Hangouts)


  • Skype account
  • a set of headphones and microphone
  • web camera
  • scanner (not obligatory).

The course consists of technical sessions (covering grammar, vocabulary, structure, style and formatting), as well as interactive assignments and homework.


At the end of the course each student is required to demonstrate a portfolio of academic writing samples, which will include:

  • Editing checklist + edited assignment
  • Mini style guide
  • Opening paragraph
  • Outline
  • Abstract
  • Presentation
  • Problem question
  • Essay question

*For law students only:

  • Case note
  • Moot – part 1: written submission, which is a summary of the argument (2 pages (12.5 Roman), line break 1 ½, circa 800 words).
  • Moot – part 2: spoken presentation.


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